Hello, my name is Daniel
I am a software developer with a passion for finding solutions to today's problems by using technology to build streamlined and innovative products.
Work Experience
Technical Product Manager and Research Assistant
Project developed a browser extension that informs users of invasive procedures on the web and what data is being collected by the websites that they visit. Major funding from Google's Research Scholar Program.
Managing SCRUM meetings, A/B tests, wireframes and product roadmaps
Developing systems to detect browser fingerprinting, cross site tracking, and invasive procedures through analysis of HTTP requests
Developing machine learning BERT sequence classification models using Huggingface, pytorch, tensorflowjs, learning distillation and multi-labeling to create browser-based ML models
Co-authoring manuscript with Professor S. Zimmeck (Wesleyan CS) and three other members of the privacy-tech-lab
OurCampus Wesleyan
Frontend Lead Developer
OurCampus is a cross-platform mobile app and SPA distributing current dining options, professor reviews, and campus events to the Wesleyan community
Reviewed all pull requests and pushed frontend code
Led frontend team discussions and assigned tasks
Hosted Flutter/Dart/React/Git workshops
Rebuilt and optimized frontend and created internal tools for database population
Wesleyan University
Teaching Assistant - Computer Science II
Teaching data structures and algorithms in functional programming languages
Instructing 40+ Computer Science II students on CS fundamentals
Wesleyan University
Peer Tutor - Software Engineering
Assisting COMP 333 students with understanding OOP fundamentals and principals
Teaching the use of HTML, CSS, JS, React, Django, MySQL, PHP
Wesleyan University
IDEAS (Engineering) Lab Assistant
Responsible for maintaining the IDEAS (Engineering) Lab
Assisted students with classwork and personal projects using laser cutters, 3D printers, SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, and Cura
Other Projects
WesHack is a school wide hackathon open to all skill levels that incorporates coding, workshops, and alumni presentations to display the efforts of the Wesleyan coding and tech community.
Reinstated school-wide hackathon with 60+ participants on 15+ teams
Secured judges, mentors, speakers, and obtained funding from the University and outside supporters
Led daily coding workshops and community-building exercises during the event
Managed budget and disbursed funding and prizes
DG Whisk(e)y
Personal Project
Website dedicated to my love of whiskey.
Wesleyan University
Gender Diversity in Video Marketing ML Algorithm
The goal of this research was to determine how online advertising of selected alcohol brands correlates to the public perception of these brands.
Wesleyan Univeristy
Gold Vinyl
Gold Vinyl is a CRUD (Django), web (React.js), and mobile (React Mobile) music streaming, rating, distribution, and discussion platform.
Leadership Experience
Co-Founder, President, Finance Manager
Code_Wes is a student-managed coding club at Wesleyan that has grown from 7 to 200+ members since inception in 2020
Managining financials dealings of the student-directed coding club including budgets, all purchases, event funding, and hosting speakers
Hosting events, with the career center, that promote career planning, community building, and industry networking
Built and continuously overseeing internal communication platform to project leaders to distribute tasks and club resources to team members
Wesleyan Club Hockey
Wesleyan's Club Hockey team is a student-managed club and has been around for 20+ years and currently serves 35+ members.
Scheduling practices and game coordinated with the university's athletic, financial, and facility departments
Secured club budget and purchasing equipment for new members
Band Leader
Wesleyan-based Scottish, Klezmer, Irish, and Bluegrass strings and winds band.
Scheduling practices and performances coordinated with the university's music department and various student groups